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January 14, 2020
5 Eyewear Trends To Get You Seeing 2020 in Style According to David Kind

Premium optical brands are focusing on quality materials and elegant classic design with eyewear style trends in 2020. If you are shopping the luxury high-end side of the market, eyeglass frames are becoming more intricately detailed: lots of clean lines, mixed with filigree and more exotic materials. But done subtly is the secret. As recently […]

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March 31, 2020
Contacts Lens vs Glasses In The Age of COVID-19

Health experts recommend that contact-wearers should switch to glasses during the coronaviruspandemic. That’s mainly due to the fact that people who wear contacts touch their eyes and faces more often than people who don’t wear contacts, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Touching your face is a major way that COVID-19 has been spreading. Contact lens users […]

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March 12, 2020
The 39 Best Sunglasses According to GQ

The best thing about the eyewear industry in 2020: variety, and tons of it. For proof, look no further than this list of the best sunglasses for men we've gathered here, from some of the biggest names in fashion to the most respected specialty eyewear brands around. Whether you're a classic aviator type or the […]

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March 12, 2020
XL Trailblazer Of The Week: Cabral Miller

XL Trailblazer Of The Week Cabral Miller.With over 30 years in the eyewear industry, Cabral Miller understands first-hand what a satisfying optical experience requires. Alongside his commitment to excellence, Cabral embodies a welcoming spirit and a strong degree of patience – making each customer’s encounter valuable. His ability to form such strong connections has helped […]

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February 18, 2020
The Guide To Finding Your Face Shape 101

Why do some eyeglasses look attractive on display in the optical shop, but not so great when you try them on?  It could be that the frames are the wrong style for your face shape. Your face shape plays a significant role in whether a certain style of glasses will look good on you. To read more […]

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January 16, 2020
‘Pose’ For Your Life: Dyllón Burnside In Elegant Eyes Newark for Bleu Magazine

Besides providing superior face-to-face customer service we also lend our talents to editorial pieces such as this Bleu Magazine fashion spread featuring 'Pose' breakout star Dyllon Burnside. Outfitted in sunwear from Dandy and Christian Dior the actor love for all the things style is the top of his to-do list and it shows in his […]

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January 9, 2020

With over 30 years of experience, there comes a time when one must evolve–hence how “The Eye Whisperer was born. Equal parts consulting and styling, Miller’s optical intervention serves as your personal vision concierge. “In today’s market, making a bold statement can be done in a variety of ways and styles. With previous experience owning a […]

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